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Nothing Eire So Green

(Written 12.11.2005, posted 12.12.2005)

Three seasons in one day.

We left sandy Kuwait at 81 degrees and descended into Ireland. As we broke through the clouds, everything was green again. We landed in the rolling green countryside of Ireland. It was a quick stop but great to see shades of green again.

Our second stop was in Maine covered in powdery white snow. Our comrades from our sister companies teased us because we were closer to home than we would be when we finally left the plane. If I had known about our stop, I could have had a welcoming committee and showed them some northern hospitality.

Onward to the south, we landed in Mississippi. Many of the other soldiers did not have a chance to see their homes since the hurricane, and there was anxiety amongst them. We were all relieved to see businesses running despite the damage still to roofs and billboards. There are still teams from FEMA here, and our mobilization site is still churning out soldiers to leave for the Middle East. We thought we had left the land of explosions, but the deploying soldiers are training with simulations and blank rounds. The second time we heard explosions and gun fire, we just shook our heads.

posted by Scott | 22:00 Baghdad time | © 12.11.2005
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