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(Written 12.08.2005, posted 12.12.2005)

The last few days at camp, we made some extra time to spend with the guys in the unit. We realized once again that things are changing, yet things could get bad before the end. We spent time enjoying a few "good" meals, and we had one last trilogy for movie nights. We spent three nights watching Gladiator, Braveheart, and The Patriot. Perhaps we were trying to relate to the heroic ideals, warrior ethos, or just share in some kind of brotherhood brought about by war.

I left the camp to play the hurry-up-and-wait game, carrying everything I still owned in theater on my back. There are things you just get used to and expect when being in the army. Even on the civilian side, when traveling they tell you to show up two to four hours early when checking in to the airport. We found ourselves sitting on our bags for twelve hours on the flight line, as our flight time ping-ponged between 9am and 9pm all day. Then it was the same in Kuwait. "Go sit in your tent and don't go far because your plane and customs could be ready in 15 minutes or three days." I actually enjoyed the time in Kuwait. I was reading some books and catching up on my journal. It was somewhat peaceful, and we had time to reflect on things again. Then before we expected, it was time to go and wait again on the airplane.

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