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Black Friday

(Written 11.25.2005, posted 12.12.2005)

After Thanksgiving, we were hoping for a quiet Friday, and it is usually a slow afternoon since it is a big prayer day and most of the meetings we have are in the morning. Unfortunately, we had an indirect fire attack. It was unclear whether the attack was directed at us or the local schools and police stations. Once again, all the radios were filled with traffic attempting to locate the source, ascertain damage, get accountability, and put together a counter mortar response. Later on that night, all our platoons were out encountering roadside bombs. Thankfully, some were not well put together and did not achieve the desired effect. I stayed up all night on radio watch until everyone came back in safely.

Saturday was busy with administrative issues and I have been mentally and physically exhausted. I have not even been keeping up with my emails, except for duty-related responses to our missions and movement.

posted by Scott | 22:00 Baghdad time | © 11.25.2005
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