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Pre-Election Pause

It has been a busy two weeks. Even though the days are getting shorter, they seem longer. With less light during the day and the elections, our evening "fun runs" for stress release have significantly decreased.

It also feels like there is less time in the day to get things done. I am spending most of my time consumed by the end of tour requirements which encompasses the equipment accountability and transfers, medical evaluations, awards, performance evaluations, mandatory briefings, and scheduling all these events around operations. In addition, we have been supporting the elections with 10-12 hour security patrols around the clock, and we continue to do door-to-door checks on houses of known insurgents or places that would indicate an attack is planned. We are still hearing explosions through out the day, but luckily no major damage or injury. Everyone has been working long days and everyone seems tired and on edge. We all knew this was coming, but thankfully it will be one of our last major events.

I am pretty tired. I have been doing my best to encourage the guys and keep them in line so they do not get lazy or forgetful from being worn out. Everyone realizes we are close to the end, but we are still far from out of danger. I hope this next week goes by uneventfully. My faith in the media is still a bit shaken from last week's events, but I have nothing to say about that right now.

The internet has been sporadic here and I have had little time to check. I needed a bit of a break today. Also the postal people are shutting down normal operations on October 15th. It still seems a bit early, I would guess November 1st, but once again we will have to go for a few months with no mail. Still it means we are coming home so it is a good sign.

We are still diverting ourselves in our off time with what movies we have not shared yet, and most recently we have been watching TV series like CSI, Smallville, and Alias. I think we are spoiled by having the TV shows on DVD, and it will be weird to go home and watch commercials again or wait so long between episodes.

Other than that, there is not much to report. We are taking it hour by hour as we anticipate some reaction to the elections.

posted by Scott | 09:57 Baghdad time | © 10.13.2005
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