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Thank You, Again

It has been a busy week. I am hoping we will soon move back south to Kuwait. Unfortunately we still have to make it through summer. I turned my calendar today and laughed. The first day of summer is the 21st, yet it has been consistently between 110 and 130 the last few weeks. It cools off to about 85-90 at night. I am working on another update with some more stories.

However, I am really writing today to thank everyone again for sending me packages and letters. I consistently get between two and several packages in the mail when it is delivered. Although the guys tease me, I let them watch me go through the packages and I make three piles: one pile for the kids in town, one pile for the soldiers in my unit and the camp, and a smaller pile for myself. Everyone's generosity is a reflection on my character and I appreciate it. They are calling me the "Iraqi Wal-Mart." My tent is beginning to look like a CVS or Walgreens. I have a section of toiletries and personal needs, a section of goodies, and a section of toys and school supplies for the kids. I am due for another trip in my camp golf cart to drop off stuff, and we are planning another trip in town to visit the kids.

Things in our area have been thus far relatively quiet. However, there are three major operations going on up north: Matador, New Market, and Lightning. Although these three are publicized in the news, there are other smaller operations going on and one of our concerns is the activity in the north pushing the insurgents farther south. In turn, we have been pushing out guys to get back to basics and continue their training. We also expect longer and more frequent patrols to monitor changes in the area as well as prepare for the elections here in September.

Once again, I thank you all. I could not do this without you.

posted by Scott | 14:25 Baghdad time | © 6.01.2005
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