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An Interesting Development

An interesting development unfolded over the weekend. One of the missions of this camp is to destroy enemy captured ammunition. A few days ago a lone camel had wandered into the impact area. Our quick reaction force and some of the staff went to check it out. They ended up wrestling it out of the area and bringing it inside the camp. Well it turns out not only was the camel pregnant and looking for some place to have its baby, but also it was the Sheik's "prize camel." He came by looking for it a day later. I was filled in on the story shortly after coming back from patrol. In the operations center there were huge plates of rice, pita bread, chicken, and fish. Everyone coming through the operations center had to eat some food and partake in the story. While I was eating I was counting the minutes since we had gone through the marketplace. As we saw a boy run out to wave to us, he had a live chicken in one hand and a bloody knife in the other hand. I wondered if this was the second time I was meeting the chicken.

In any event, the camel had its baby and I was on my way to collect the mail from the post office and deliver it to the guys, when the camel was being escorted off post. They put the baby in the back of a pickup truck and were using trucks and "golf carts" to herd the camel to the gate. The mother camel was doing her best to stay behind the pickup with her baby, but there were many distractions along the way. The Sheik was very happy and it was an interesting sight.

posted by Scott | 00:03 Baghdad time | © 3.16.2005
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