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Birthday Wishes

I had a pretty good day today. We went to the range outside camp this morning and I got to shoot almost every weapon system that we have as well as run the range for the guys we brought out. When I came back I had my reports turned in and I decided to treat myself. I set out a new clean uniform and decided to risk a shower. My one Birthday wish was for a warm shower and I was granted my wish. Upon returning the EODs were destroying some captured ammo, but I convinced myself and my supply sergeant that it was a 21 gun salute for me. I had also been saving a special treat for today. Underwear made of cationic polyester and lycra. It feels like silk and it does not stick. This is definitely the way to go as the temperatures here are already starting to push into the 80s. I don't think I will ever give women a hard time about buying expensive underwear ever again.

posted by Scott | 20:04 Baghdad time | © 2.19.2005
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