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It is a beautiful day here, 73 degrees and sunny. Although this is the calm before the storm, it is a very peaceful day. We got up at 5am today and went to the rifle range one last time to verify our sight alignment on our rifles, then the platoons were practicing the different tasks we learned how to do in the past month. Partly to refresh their memory because we trained at such a fast pace, but they got a chance to practice the skills they chose and wanted to do as opposed to the tasks they were told to learn for the day. It was fun--they went into the mock town and took turns being civilians and bad guys, then they did a convoy back to our command post and were going to assault our building but I saw and heard them coming. I grabbed one of the other lieutenants and we barricaded the doors quickly and I got a few of them before they saw me, but my buddy did not have my back so one of the platoon guys got behind me from a different door before I turned around. I think this is one of the few times that "playing army" actually is fitting for the training we did today. They guys are practicing things they need to but are having fun and making it creative.

Now we are packing and preparing to leave beautiful Camp S. We still do not know what flight we are leaving on but it will most likely be Friday or Saturday. We have three days of training for the guys while I run around and turn in equipment and get supplies. I was also selected to be the authorized classified document currier. I thought I was cool at first and then I went to get the paperwork done. I have to carry a flash "thumb" drive around my neck all the time and see secret documents. When I left the office with my additional assignment, I ran into the chaplain who was handing out lotion, baby powder, and tic tacs. I handed me a tube of petroleum jelly. I do not know if that was a coincidence or not but suddenly I had the feeling that there may be some more "extra duties" for this job.

We are giving the guys the afternoon off to pack clean weapons and we are switching over do the desert uniforms tomorrow. We are also sitting outside enjoying the day and stenciling our roster number and blood type on all our T Shirts. I hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend. I'm not too sure if we will pack our electronics up and send them ahead, but I will make some phone calls before I fly.

posted by Scott | 17:28 Baghdad time | © 1.09.2005
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