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Leaving Kuwait, Finally

I am just checking in before I leave Kuwait, finally. In summation the highlights for reasons to leave in the top ten format.

    10. 2 helicopter crashes.
    9. 18 hours of rain in one day and a whole lot of mud.
    8. 20 gal of water per day per soldier for personal hygiene (not hot).
    7. A 45 min wait in line for food and 5 min to eat it.
    6. Living out of one backpack for ten days, but the back pack had to include our chemical gear, night vision device, GPS, wet and cold weather gear maps...leaving enough room for a razor, toothbrush some socks and underwear.
    5. A great 3 day laundry service, but we have been on stand by to leave in an hour for the last 10 days. (Note basic uniform allotment is 4 per soldier.)
    4. 20,000 people occupying a space designed for 12,000.
    3. Porta-Johns everywhere. Good thing it has only been 70 degrees and not 130.
    2. 70 people sharing the same tent (and cough) for sleeping.
    1. Stowing away on the back of a personnel carrier heading north by ground. The other alternative is Marine aviation (note recent crash in the news).

See you in Iraq... I will send my Kuwait pictures when I get set up.

Miss you all.

posted by Scott | 23:41 Baghdad time | © 1.26.2005
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