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Kuwait Update

We just finished our urban training exercises. More fun with Iraqi refugees, civilians on the battlefield, and insurgent activities. This time we were operating in a small town rather than our base. I did not get killed this time. My position dictated that I supervise the handling of enemy prisoners and disgruntle civilians and set up as an overwatch to listen and report activity in the city. I still had to run tactically from building to building and ended up getting muddy, harassed, and shot at, but the most damage I incurred was the ant bites. It is still warm down here but it has been humid and rainy.

The big news, however, is we will be on stand by to leave anywhere from the 9th-15th to go to Kuwait. We will not be able to receive any regular mail until we get established in Iraq. On or about Valentines day. They will not forward any mail from the base; it will be returned. We will not know our final address and confirm our location until we are ready to leave Kuwait. I read the movement order last night and I know where we are going, but it is still classified, sorry. I will be happy to leave the base behind and hopefully overcome some of the uncertainty, anxiety, and anticipation we have been dealing with.

Got to run, time to go back in the field and shoot some more bullets.

posted by Scott | 09:23 Baghdad time | © 1.06.2005
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