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I am sneaking into the Brigade office "tent" to write... One of the Majors in the Battalion just busted me though. He says it's okay. I just wanted to write in person and let everyone know I am OK. We were training at a fast pace in MS and now we have hit a brick wall. We did have a long flight and went right into training to confirm the sight alignment on our weapons, two more mandatory training videos and we are waiting on logistics. We are upgrading the armor on our vehicles and sorting out the equipment as it comes off the boats. We were supposed to head north Tuesday, however there were complications and now we have to wait indefinitely. I am not sure if it is just a coordination issue or if there are other issues preventing us from landing.

The camp we are at is barely big enough to hold the volume of troops here. Everything is a line including meal time and portajohns. We are still living out of our backpacks and the desert is not as exotic as one may think. Blue sky and tan sand, not too colorful. The guys are great and despite some frustration and anticipation everyone is doing well.

I miss you all and encourage pictures from "home."

Take Care and miss you.

posted by Scott | 13:28 Baghdad time | © 1.20.2005
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