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One Week of Duty

After one week of duty we are finally settled in our temporary home in Mississippi. It has been rainy and humid here. We have been getting up at 3:45 for physical training at 4:15 and are fed, showered, and ready for training at 7am. We have been getting a lot of high speed gear. We were issued our rifles today with the cool scopes and night vision devices as well as the body armor. It looks cool now, but it weighs a lot when you have to run around.

We typically finish company training around 7pm and the platoons do their business and I do administrative stuff until 10 or 11pm. My position is company executive officer. Often abbreviated XO and affectionately dubbed the extra officer, I thought it was because I don't conduct the training of the platoon or company like the platoon leaders or company commander. However, I realize the extra officer does all the extra stuff from unit administration to coordinating supplies, fuel, ammo, and training sites. I have been running around a lot and have my own van and foot power to get things where they need to be.

I have to go throw some laundry in before it gets too late.

posted by Scott | 22:27 Baghdad time | © 12.06.2004
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